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Legacy: A Journal for Teens and Adults

Legacy, a Journal for Teens and Adults is intended to provide an overview of an individual’s hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. To leave a legacy of wisdom and lessons learned in life, this journal can be completed in stages, as important events are embraced and lived. Many teens, for example, are married, have children, work at jobs, attend college, and contribute to society in a variety of ways. Thus, this book attempts to provide a way to document important events in life that expand from early teens, to adulthood.


With a bright, hip design, this journal allows you to freely scribble down the best moments, and memories of the most intriguing people you have ever encountered. For young adults, it motivates their desire to choose a worthy legacy and to select values that will provide a life of happiness and joy.  For adults, this book is designed to do the same thing, while creating a referenced vehicle to which others can go to be taught and nurtured by the wisdom of age, experience, knowledge, and faith to succeed.


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Legacy: Expressions of Wisdom and Advice

Legacy: Expressions of Wisdom and Advice is a prompt-journal that gives you the opportunity to reflect upon lessons learned from decisions made in life. The wisdom gained from coping with life’s difficult challenges, and solid advice based on personal experience is a wonderful legacy to leave the world, and it will certainly become a treasured keepsake for those who know and love you.


Everyday we must examine our choices and try to embrace values that will bring satisfaction and joy.  Many valuable lessons are learned the hard way.  When we falter, pay the consequences, set it right, and move forward with determination to avoid making the same mistake again, or when we avoid mistakes by following another’s good example, we gain wisdom.  Wisdom is a treasure to be shared with others, especially if we’ve paid dearly for it.  When this wisdom is presented in written word, it can be reviewed, digested, and implemented by loved ones for years to come.


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Legacy: A Journal for Youth

Legacy: A Journal for Youth is a prompt-journal yearbook for children old enough to read, write, and think. The topic is of vital importance because, when completed, it will contain the opinion of the journal’s owner. The categories range from vital statistics and family to friends, values, religion, politics, and everything in between. Parents or adults’ assistance is needed to provide information that a child might not know. This journal is intended to give a child the desire to choose a worthy legacy and to select values that will lead to a life of happiness and joy. It offers prompts that will help a child decide what goals he/she wants to achieve in life. Like a yearbook, it contains pages for friends and family to write about, or to, the child. Anyone of any age can leave an inspiring legacy. It is wise to begin early, and to document important events. If the information is entered carefully and honestly, this journal may become a valuable keepsake to be pondered and reviewed over the years.


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Legacy: A Journal of Missionary Service

Legacy: A Journal of Missionary Service is a prompt-journal for newly called, currently serving, or returned missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is intended to encourage a missionary to keep an accurate accounting of goals, experiences, thoughts, desires, testimonies, and blessings gleaned from sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Missionaries of other faiths may find many parts of this journal helpful for recording the wonderful work they do.


When influenced by the Spirit, a missionary’s words can be a source of power and peace. Documented events can verify the Lord’s miraculous influence in the lives of those who serve Him and demonstrate the blessings that come to those who listen to His servants. Paving a highway of faithful support and noting tested solutions to many of life’s challenges is a wonderful legacy to leave one’s posterity – and if it is to be properly remembered, it must be written.


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Jeff Wynston, an extremely private and elusive movie star with an alcoholic past, reluctantly agrees to host a telethon for the prevention of child abuse. When a woman calls the television program to inquire if ‘ritual abuse’ is included in the cause, Jeff is thrust into a riveting quest for truth. What follows is a horrific revelation of the effects of occult crime on an innocent family struggling to keep their religious standards.


Although a work of fiction, Soria’s novel attempts to counter evil intrusions with solid Christian doctrinal principles and offers a glimmer of hard facts.


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Letters from a Lady Mormon Missionary

Wendy Kaye Woolley Soria reveals her joyful dedication to God and her Church as she releases a chronicle of her two-year mission and young life in Letters from a Lady Mormon Missionary.


Soria shares and reaffirms her passionate dedication to her religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormon Church. Through letters and journal entries, Soria unfolds the unforgettable experiences she had on her two-year mission to Tennessee and Arkansas in1967-1969.


Having grown up in the care of parents who had become inactive in the Church in her formative years, and the fortitude of a grandmother whose faith did not waver, Soria retells how and why she considers serving on that mission a miracle.


As well, she details the story of her conversion to the Church and the strengthening her faith has attained over the years.


Inexorably, as she shares about her faith and the challenges that came, Soria reveals the intimate details about her family life and her various relationships with each of them, and her experiences in the early years of her life.


Letters from a Lady Mormon Missionary also contains poetry, love songs, and stories that Soria had written as a girl growing up, a meek reminder of Soria’s well-rounded development outside her staunch faith.


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